Hoodies and T-Shirt Sizing

Our hoodies are high quality 290gsm fleece cotton. The sizing on them is average for a hooded sweatshirt.  There are 2 good ways to get the correct size.

One way is to place a tape measure up under the arms and measure the fullest part of the chest, keeping tape parallel to the floor.  Do this measurement over a t-shirt or top that you would normally wear under a hoodie and don't pull the tape too tightly.   Use the reading to find the correct size in the chart below.  If you are in doubt, or have an 'in between' size, then we recommend you opt for the next size up.  For example,  if your chest measurement is 30 inches then you would fit a 12 yr top.  If you want it to fit looser then feel free to take the next size up.  Also taking a slightly larger size will allow children to grow into the top.

Another way to fit is if you already have a hoodie you like, and it fits, then lay it flat on a surface and measure the width of the hoodie just below where the sleeve joins the body under the armpit.  Then match that width to the size label below.  For example if your existing top measures 18 inches from 'pit to pit' then you would fit a 10yr top.  If you have a particularly long torso then you may also wish to take the length into account. 

This is our sizing chart.  It uses universal sizing but please DO NOT assume the age of your child is the correct size for them.  Below are some actual examples that may help you.

Maggie is now 11 years old but would be described as 'slight'.  She has a 28 inch chest measurement with a t-shirt on, and fits a 10 yr hoodie perfectly.   She could wear a 12 yr old size which would be slightly looser and give her 'room to grow'.

Jack is 10 years old but would be described as 'athletic'.  He has a 32 inch chest measurement with a polo shirt on, and could fit a 14 yr size or he could wear an XS and have it slightly looser, again giving the option of wearing it for longer as he grows.

Susan is 'thirty-something' (just!), she has a 38 inch chest with a top on.  She could wear a more fitting 'S',  or a more relaxed 'M'.



Our t-shirts follow a universal sizing chart as well.